Woa Phoebe where'd you get the spooky orange eyes???

October 31, 2006 - My first Halloween. Don't I look like the best Bee!
I looked awesome and they loved me going Trick or Treat.
Phoebe looked great too! You little witch ha.
I was in a pet costume contest at Petco.
Unfortunately, they gave us the wrong time for the judging, so I missed out.

Thank you Petco!!!

I was ripped off, Petco owes me big time!

Can you believe a Yorkie dressed as an Ewok won!! Costume? I dress like that every day!!
And me, Princess Kneesaa "THE REAL Ewok Princess", they give us the wrong time!
They felt bad and gave me a ton of treats, gifts and a picture.
They said I would have won. Next year I will be there all day so I don't miss out.

Note that when I visit Chicago I'm hot stuff! The folks there call me Ka-Nessssa Rosen.
See my latest trip to the Big City I love, Chicago.

See "P Kneesaa goes to Chicago" November 15, 2008.
I flew! - Thank you South West Airlines for an enjoyable and memorable trip.

The people on the flight loved me!!

They even congratulated a guy celebrating his 100th birthday and had never flown before.

It was the Pilot!

Oh well, he was good and we made it back to Sacramento OK.

Oh yea, almost forgot! Just because my owner went to Hawaii....
Me and Phoebe have to play Hula girls! Where are you when we need you Tori!

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