Check back often for your favorite Princess Kneesaa Moments.
I am Princess Kneesaa and this my Web Site of Priceless Princess Moments. You are welcome to share my pictures for free (until I become a BIG star!)
I am the cutest and smartest and the most Superior Shima puppy on the planet, little Shima Teacup! Right now I'm an adorable puppy.
Today September 1, 2006 I am 10 weeks old and just 2.2 pounds so be carefull where you step!
Watch me grow up right here. I will get smarter, more adorable and will not be bigger than 3 pounds.

Have a Princess Kneesaa Moment.

I'm a Shima puppy (Shih Tzu and Maltese). I have the best and cutest qualities of both breeds.
Want to adopt one of my sibling Shima puppies? Click my name, email me for info and pictures Princess Kneesaa


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SURPRISE.... I just got a new Sissy 'Galinda' ....I'm putting on my back soon!

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Wow I'm just a puppy, and I'm beat! OK, OK! Time to wake up for pictures again!

Bad hair? I just woke up!

I am the CUTEST!!

Taking pictures makes me tired, how about you Phoebe (oh yeah, my big sis)? Oh well...night, night, see you later.
Love to all - Princess Kneesaa

Click on me to see my movie. I'm a star - check it out!

What a great puppy life! All these people that love me and I just eat, sleep, play, behave and sleep somemore.
Me and my other big sis - Tori.

Bummer! September 4, 2006 a day that will live in infamy for me, Ouch, I got my shots!.

September 26, 2006 - My first haircut. Judy's Fido Fashions is the best! I look awesome and they loved me, said I was the best behaved.

psst... I did overhear the ladies plotting to kidnap me cuz I'm cute!

Hi! I'm Tator... and I'm Astro we are some of Princess Knessaa's friends. We will take you to see some of our friends.
Click on Tator or Astro. Please be patient while we load up the movie for you - check it out!

October 04, 2006 - You will not believe this! Because my mommy thinks...that I am 1 pound.....

I got stuffed into this ridiculous bag big enough for a Hamster maybe!! Well the pillow is sorta nice.

By the way I am a trim 2.95 pounds.

Bye for now.


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My Summer Chicago adventure!

My new born Shima friends and others up for adoption!

Coming soon..... Princess Kneesaa friends and my new Gallery pages!!

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